The Opportunity

Spotify has a unique opportunity to enhance the traditional playlist into a shared, collaborative experience for its listeners. Playlists now have the ability to become a digital diary of memories, by pairing music and photographs, centered around the Spotify interface.

Spotify Memories Playlists

Create, curate, and share collaborative playlists with your friends. Once a Spotify listener hosts a collaborative playlist, they can invite other listeners to join the collaboration by adding songs, connecting live to the playlist, and uploading photos. All of these features encourage listeners to enrich time spent together with music and photo memories. 

Also as listeners add photographs to their playlists, the value placed on their Spotify account goes up, ensuring long-term, paid subscriptions. 


Enhance the way collaborative playlists function, to encourage group listening

Design a seamless way to upload photos to Together playlists

Succesfully comunicate to listeners how they can benefit from the new Together Playlist.

Product Design

Two new features for collaborative playlists allow friends to curate memories with music and photos. 

Connect to a playlist in order to collaborate tracklists in real time with your friends, and top off the musical memory by adding photos.

A Connect Feature for Collaborative Playlists

The new connect feature for collaborative playlists requires only one Spotify account to be paired with a speaker. Then, all other connected collaborators can change the song playing from their own Spotify. In addition, any song played, while connected, automatically adds to the playlist.

When "connected," the white circle icon fills green, also displaying how many of the playlist's collaborators are live as well.

Once connected to a collaborative playlist, only one device needs to be paired with a speaker. Then, other live collaborators can change the song playing from their own device.​


Also while connected , any song played automatically gets added to the playlist.


This makes it easy for groups of friends to listen and share songs together.

Soundtracks To Our Memories

Let Spotify archive your best shared moments with the actual music from the moment to match.

Upload Photos to Collaborative Playlists

Curate playlists by uploading photos. Now friends can revisit their favorite memories with photos and music.

Enrich your music memories with friends, by adding photos.

Choose photos from your camera roll to populate with the other collaborators' photos, within the playlist.

When disconnecting from live participation in a collaborative playlist, you will be given the option add photos from your camera roll, time stamped during the connected period.

Download photos other collaborators uploaded.

When the playlist is revisted later, the photos will form a slideshow.

Instagram Partnership

Perfectly capture moments to share by tagging songs in photos, just as people and places are tagged.


Spotify and Instagram have the opportunity to form a partnership.

Instgram can let users tag songs from Spotify in their photos.

When Instagram users tap the photo for tagged elements, the song tag will appear.

Users can hold down the tag for a snippet of the song, or select the arrow to open the full song in the Spotify app. 

Design Process

The Team

Spotify Memories, is a personal, second iteration, from a larger group project, "Spotify Together." The "Spotify Together" project explored various ways Spotify could reenvision their product to encourage more meaningful interactions between listeners and the interface. One portion of that campaign/execution was a feature to add personal pictures to songs and playlists. I decided to focus in on our team's original insight that music and moments go hand in hand, therefore Spotify has an opportunity to help its listeners pair special photographic memories with songs. I was excited to further think how the UX/UI could encourage listeners to utilize Spotify to curate their life as an interactive, digital diary.    

Spotify Memories would not be possible without the teamwork and collaboration of Spotify Together's original crew and ideas! (A glimpse of Spotify Together is featured below.)



Art Director: Lynn Nakamura

Copy Writer: Kate Ursu

Creative Brand Manager: Derek Longest

Experience Designer: Laura Strukl

Strategists: Afia Boakye, Jenna Stout 

User Research



When asking people to recall a memory invoking song, they did not just come up with one, but often had an entire list they were excited to share. Sometimes the moments remembered were grand, championed events. Other times, the moments were seemingly insignifigent, everyday solo endeavours, or a quiet moment with a friend. They didn't just tell how a certain song can be placed to a time in their lives, but would paint elaborate pictures of how that time imprinted on them forever.

With the ability, these days, to store thousands of photos on just the phone in our pockets at any given second, we have lost the sentimental notion photographs used to carry. However, more than ever are we using photos to tell our stories and represent ourselves, such as on Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. Rather than sending announcements to friends and family members, a single photo on social media, even with no caption suffices.

However, recognizng the link between music and our ability to recall different chapters along our life journey poses an interesting angle for a powerful brand, like Spotify, to explore- a chance tap into...

Musical Memories

The most fun research was just simply asking people, "do you have any songs or artists that make you look back on a memory in your life?"Here are just a drop in a bucket of the responses:

The song "Everybody Wants To Rule The World," by Tears For Fears, makes me think of being little and dancing in the living room, while my dad was in the kitchen cooking"

When I listen to the Bon Iver album, "For Emma, Forever Ago," I think about long walks in the snow in highschool, while being annoyed that my boyfriend was always late

"Come On Eileen" makes me think about dancing around and jumping on the bed with my best friend."

Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier" always reminds me of fishing with my family and friends. I literally tell the same funny fishing story every time I head it.

"Winters Love" by Animal Collective reminds me of Alex playing his drum in the dorm rooms during undergrad." 

The Benefit


Despite the listener's benefit of personal fun, by getting to fill their music playlists with photos, Spotify has a large benefit as well. By allowing these feature to only be accessed by paid subscriptions, listener's have more incentive to sign up. Also, the more equity, effort, and time listener's put into their personal Spotify accounts, the more brand loyalty they'll have.

User Journey

Use Cases

Selected Annotated Wireframes/User Flows

First Design Iteration

As mentioned above, the design featured, Spotify Memories, is a second iteration of the original project presentation, Pictures by Spotify Together. Spotify Pictures allowed listeners to add photographs on a song by song basis. Every time the song was replayed, the listener would be reminded of the photo. This also utilized an in-app camera, so that the listener could take a photo while the song was playing, and then choose a fun filter. In addition, these photos could populate in shared playlists as well.

However, I thought the idea of using Spotify to experience moments together could be pushed even further, to create a more seamless way to curate memories. 

Laura Patty Strukl | 2018 / 804-839-0874